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ModSecurity Now Enabled By Default

ModSecurity now enabled for all DoneRite Web Hosting Solutions hosting accounts

To reduce the number of web applications being hacked, DoneRite Web Hosting Solutions has enabled the ModSecurity Apache module for all web hosting customer accounts by default.

ModSecurity is a small tool that does a big job. It’s an application-layer firewall that will effectively prevent most URL forgery hacker attacks and forum spamming attempts targeted at your websites.

ModSecurity is enabled by default for all the websites in a hosting account. You don’t have to configure or set up anything in order to have your website protected by ModSecurity.

Currently, ModSecurity is enabled in a blocking mode, so it will automatically block all incoming requests that are flagged as insecure. We are using the commercial rules at http://www.atomicorp.com to detect all insecure website requests.

You can access the ModSecurity section in the Hepsia Control Panel from the newly added shortcut on the Control Panel’s home page or from the Advanced drop-down menu.

If you have any questions about ModSecurity and how it will work, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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