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Godaddy Cheap Web Hosting Plans

Godaddy Cheap Web Hosting

 I was curious today of how our hosting plans stacked up against Godaddy Cheap Web Hosting plans so I zipped right on over there to check things out. Godaddy has some great web hosting pricing admittedly. What I am going to focus on is a comparison of our DoneRite Basic Plan VS Godaddy's Economy Plan or what little of it I can write as for some reason Godaddy seems to be very elusive about listing their full web hosting plan features as you will discover by clicking the link provided above.

Web Hosting Plans Pricing

  • Godaddy's Economy Plan - $3.99/mo On Sale, Billed Annual | Regular Everyday Price Is $5.99/mo billed annual Per Godaddy
  • DoneRite Basic Plan - $3.99/mo Our Everyday Price, Billed Annual

We have a price tie with Godaddys sale pricing. Note that Godaddy's economy plan does not renew at the sale price, after the first year invoice godaddy's economy plan is $5.99/yr. DoneRite Web Hosting Basic plan remains at $3.99 year after year.

Web Hosting Space

  • Godaddy's Economy Plan - 100gb
  • DoneRite Basic Plan - 300gb

Our DoneRite Start Plan has a clear advantage here over Godaddy's Economy Plan

Web Traffic / Bandwidth

  • Godaddy's Economy Plan - Unlimited
  • DoneRite Basic Plan - Unlimited

Both hosting plans come up in a tie with this feature.

Hosted Websites

  • Godaddy's Economy Plan - 1
  • DoneRite Basic Plan - 1

Again a tie in features


  • Godaddy's Economy Plan - 10
  • DoneRite Basic - 10

So far so good running a close tie

Email Addresses

  • Godaddy's Economy Plan - 100
  • DoneRite Basic Plan - 100

100 emails should be plenty for a new website

Free Bing And Google Ads Credit

  • Godaddy's Economy Plan - Yes
  • DoneRite Basic Plan - No

DoneRite Hosting does not offer Bing or Google Ad credits yet.

Phone Support

  • Godaddy's Economy Plan - Yes
  • DoneRite Basic Plan - Yes

Free Domain Names

  • Godaddy's Economy Plan - Yes - Only for 1 year $15.99 renewal for the second year
  • DoneRite Basic Plan - Yes - Plus your Domain Registration is Free Every year you renew your web hosting plan with us.

In Conclusion

This is where the comparison gets fuddled up because there are no more hosting features listed for Godaddys Economy Plan to compare to so this is where it ends, by providing you with a link to our DoneRite Basic advanced web hosting plan features. Yes and foremost, Godaddy's Economy Plan gives you a great entry level web hosting price, but are you getting the most bang for your buck? That you will have to decide for yourself but basically DoneRite Hosting has equal pricing with Godaddy for your first year of hosting, Yet, choosing DoneRite Hosting, by the second year you will save $24.00 in hosting fees plus $15.99/yr in domain fees for every year you renew your hosting fees with us there after. That totals a whopping $49.99 savings a year by choosing us over godaddy! Will you save money only once the first year or save money every year with DoneRite Web Hosting Solutions? Hmmm, future planning does have it's advantages :)

Best Reguards,
DoneRite Web Hosting Solutions

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