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Free Domain For Life

 What Is A Free Domain For Life?

Please don't get too carried away by the Free domain for life marketing you see on the few web hosting companies that promote them. These are not free domain names that you can register for free with a shared web hosting plan, then transfer to another web hosting company and expect the sponsoring web host to keep registering the domain for you free of charge. It does not work that way and would be financial suicide for any web hosting company that would do this.

How Does Free Domain For Life Work?

Well, if a web hosting company offers a free domain for life, you will select your web hosting plan along with searching your domain name and purchase them both via a package deal, most common on a annual payment plan. Every year there after when you renew your web hosting plan with that company, your domain name will be registered free of charge. As mentioned above, should you become satisfied and transfer your site / domain to another company, you would then become responsible for your domain registration fees.

Free Domain For Life, How can that benefit me?

You have to figure, even some of the biggest names in web hosting does not offer a free domain for life. But if you find a company that does, you will save your domain registration fees every year. Sounds trivial but with some companies offering a one year free domain registration with a hosting plan purchase then $14.00 to $18.00 a year for domain renewal plus web hosting fees every year there after... well if you are with the hosting company for the long haul this adds bucks to your web hosting expense. A company that offers a free domain for life can save you money in the long run.

Does DoneRite Web Hosting Offer A Free Domain For Life?

Yes we do, on every shared web hosting plan we offer! On our US web hosting, Our UK Web Hosting and our AU web hosting. Now the trick to benefiting from a free domain for life web hosting plan is to find a reliable web hosting provider that offers this deal. Admittedly as a little known hosting provider you will find very few positive reviews of us, however you will not find one bad review of our services either. Bad news spreads way faster than good news as everyone knows and a bad review of a company will be all over the web in less than 24 hours so with the lack of negetive reviews I think we're doing pretty good.

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